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Upgrade to use Class II modalities including:
    - Electrical Stimulation (E- Stim)
    - Lava Shell Massage
    - Gua Sha
    - Rubber Cupping
    - Cupping (hard or warm cupping)
    - Kinesio Taping
    - Hot Stone Coverage

***Note changes that require additional payment will not be processed if payment is not provided on required forms
***If within 90 days of renewal, all changes will be made effective as of the renewal date. You will also receive an updated renewal invoice in your email reflecting the new changes and rate (if applicable)

If you have a question or need additional information our friendly staff can be reached at (800) 500-3930.

***If you would like a copy of your current malpractice insurance policy, please email all requests to
Professional Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per occurrence, $3,000,000 aggregate limits of liability.
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